About us

About Us

We have created a premium auto advertisement portal - everything about and to do with cars!

aCar.lv is not just another ad portal in the wide space of the internet. It is a modern tool to help each user materialise their ideas faster, more efficiently, and in a more interesting way because after all, we live in the 21st century.

Our aim is to become the leader in the car ad sector by offering our customers a convenient, high-quality, modern and cost-effective product. All our activities are based on the principle - it is not important to be the first, it is important to be the best. Our main value is honesty, therefore we support fair commerce!

How are we different exactly?



  • We have created a much more convenient layout of categories. Each category is illustrated, conveniently arranged and separated from other categories, so that the portal is not confusing due to it being unclear where to publish or look for the thing that interests them. We have created this with the purpose of preventing your item from remaining unnoticed simply because it is placed in the wrong section of the portal.


  • We value your time, therefore we have created a highly effective and convenient searcher where you only have to type a few key words to find everything you need in the portal.


  • Ad search on the map. It is a great opportunity for those who are looking for an advertisement of interest closer to their place of residence or location. Imagine - you are not in your hometown but you need to find a car repair service as fast as possible. At our portal, you can view various services near your location.


  • Opportunity to receive news. If you are interested in something specific, this will be a great tool for you, because you will no longer have to look at the advertisement portal every minute and wait for the car of interest to be placed for sale, or worse, to be disappointed because you have missed the opportunity to buy it.  Apply for news and state what you are looking for, and as soon as a corresponding ad is posted on our site, we will notify you immediately. Even without being on the acar.lv portal, you will always be aware of everything that is important to you.


  • Faster communication. You will be able to instantly ask all the questions you are interested in to the seller in our online chat.


  • We support fair commerce.  There are many dishonest car dealers who try to cheat their customers. Both the customer and the honest seller are suffering because of the negative experience, and a shadow of doubt falls on everyone, including the honest ones. Therefore we have created personalised seller profiles so you can evaluate the salespeople and provide feedback on them. Seller, don't worry, there is no anonymity, and ratings can only be submitted by registered users to prevent any malpractice. 


  • For many, a new car is associated with something very expensive and unattainable, therefore many customers are afraid to even visit new car showrooms. Here you can see and explore this industry as we have created a separate category - new car trade. Perhaps there is a good offer for you, and if you have already decided to buy a new car, you will be able to see different brands of cars, compare prices and offers of salons, in order to go to the salon with a purpose later.


Visit the portal and make sure... aCar.lv


Because we care about you succeeding!



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