Terms of use

Terms of use of aCar.lv

1. General Terms of Service

1.1. These terms (hereinafter - the Terms) govern the use of the online advertisement platform aCar.lv (hereinafter - the Platform).
  The Terms are binding to everyone who uses the Platform and submits, pays for and/or posts an advertisement on the Platform.

1.2. The Platform is maintained and administered by LLC MVid, Reg. No. 40203048302, registered address:  1 Helmaņa Street, Flat 8, Sigulda rural territory, Sigulda Municipality, LV-2150, e-mail: [email protected] (hereinafter - ‘aCar.lv’, ‘Administration’).

1.3. By confirming these Terms, or registering the user’s profile on the Platform, or posting and paying for an advertisement, the user confirms that he/she agrees to the Terms, Privacy policy, pricing and other binding regulations published on the Platform.

1.4. In order to place an advert, the user must create a profile on the Platform and include the information
that is required.

2. Ad content

 2.1. Adverts are not accepted (are deleted) if:

2.2 they do not comply with the Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Latvia, general behavioural and ethical norms. The advertisement does not include all the required information or the information included is wrong.

2.3 The content does not or only partly complies with the chosen category. If there is no category that complies with the content, it is allowed to post the advert in the category that seems to be the closest, but one must choose the type of deal ‘Various’.  

2.4 Adverts that contain an inaccurate, insufficiently detailed description of the item for sale or the service offered or do not include important information (e.g. regarding the quality of the item, condition, material, size, functionality, peculiarities of use, acceptable areas of use) and it is not possible to get this information from the added image, or the content of the text or the image is misleading.
Examples of transgressions:
- An advert for a car for sale does not include information that the car has been in an accident.
-An advert for parts for sale does not include information that the image contains parts that are not being sold.
-An advert for a property for sale does not include information about the status and condition of the object.

2.5 More than one object for sale or service is posted, or the text is too general (e.g. ‘any services’, ‘various models’ etc.). It is only allowed to advertise one item for sale or service per advert, by providing a detailed description and precise price. The images must include only one item for sale that is described in the advert.

2.6 The advert offers a non-existent (in the territory of Latvia) item or service.
Examples: “Audi A4, year 2013, kilometrage 42k, car located in Germany”, “Parts under construction”.

2.7 The text of the advert (except for the dedicated areas) or the images include a phone number, e-mail address, web link or other contact information.

2.8 The price included in the advert is wrong or does not include additional costs. The price must be final without any additional factors.
Examples of transgressions:
- A car for sale Audi A8, year 2004, 3.0 TDI, price to be agreed, in the dedicated area for the specified price 1€.
- A service advert does not include information on the parking costs, service territory costs.
- The specified price does not include VAT (legal person adverts).
- Price for renting a car for a day is specified as 30€, but the minimum time for renting is 3 days. 
- Other hidden costs.

2.9 It is not allowed to use images that:
- Are low quality, with the true state of the item not visible.
- Are general, the item for sale is located closely together with other items and does not dominate on the image.
- Does not correspond to the described offer. The images should only contain the items for sale described on the advert. The images must be real, not from catalogues or the web.
- Has too bright a background, unnatural colours or other elements meant to attract attention in the list of adverts.
- Contains text or elements that hinders seeing the image and changes the natural look of the image.
- Has logos, contact information or addresses.
- Is a photo collage with multiple images in one.

2.10 In the first line of the advert, words or parts of words are emphasised using capital letters.
Example: “For sale NEW motorbike SUZUKI GSX”, “Car for Rent Very Good Price”.

2.11 The first line of text contains workshop symbols, additional spaces, full stops, groups of repeated letters and information not describing the item.
Example: “For sale // car // Audi”.

2.12 The first line of the text includes words like: Sale, Special offer, Best price, Super offer, Attention, New and other marketing slogans meant to attract attention and highlight the advert on the main list. Contains information not connected with the description of the item, e.g. shop name, address etc.

2.13 The advert breaks copyright or brand name rights.

2.14 The advert is in any language other than Latvian, Russian or English; contains text in Russian but written with Latin letters. The text contains too many mistakes.

2.15 Full or partial prepayment is required for the item or service.

2.16 The aim of the advert is to gain information.

2.17 Adverts subject to more than one complaint.

2.18 Offering items or services that require sales licences if no accurate contact information of the salesperson and the licence number is provided.

2.19 Contains job offers for work in online chats, erotic video and photo sessions or providing any other intimate services.

2.20 Advert contains drug, item or service offers using multi-level marketing (MLM). Offers with a chance to earn online by registering, clicking or any other suspicious way.

2.21 Offering tobacco products, alcohol, drug precursors and controlled medications, dangerous or contagious substances and products, as well as offers and items not complying with the requirements of the EU.

2.22 A link in multiple adverts leads to the home page of a user. It is allowed to include a link that leads to a web page containing a description of the item for sale.

2.23 The advert is from work agencies or human resource companies, auctions or advertises other advertisement platforms. As well as if the text or images contain logos, adverts or links of the aforementioned. No web links are accepted for posting if they contain any information of other advertising services.

2.24 Offers any type of occult services - astrology, fortune telling, alternative medicine, etc.

2.25 Contains invitations to donate, deposit money or pay it in somewhere.

2.26 Job offers for work outside Latvia.

2.27 Contains links to resources that incorrectly serve the clients, open pop-up windows, turn on sounds or cause any other malign actions for the client or information system; contains offers for items or services prohibited by aCar.lv
Such as:
- The advert contains a link to a web site offering smoking devices, even though the text does not contain any information on such.
- Clicking the link opens a page with an offer to register or fill out a form or questionnaire.
- Clicking the link opens a totally different page to the one specified in the advert (forwarding) or opens additional pages (PopUp or PopUnder).

2.28 Contains a web link not connected with the content of the advert. Also, if the link leads to a page with old content, too little information or of very low quality, as well if it is overloaded with web hit counters, advertisements and links to other pages.

2.29 The content has text with an emotional tone, expressions, calls, slogans, declarations and dramatised questions, as well as text and keywords not connected with the object of the advert. It is forbidden to use exclamation and question marks or other symbols in order to attract attention. The content of the advert must only be aimed at informing.

2.30 Adverts with cars for sale that have altered odometer readings - decreased or incorrectly stated; images with hidden or changed number plates or without Latvian number plates, as well as if the model year is stated incorrectly or there are any other signs of fraud.

2.31 Repeated adverts with identical text or containing identical references. If multiple adverts are posted, each must have unique text.

2.32 Adverts aiming to distribute unclaimed letters and advertising leaflets, or connected with other obtrusive advertising methods or aggressive marketing.

2.33 The offered service or item has no value (there is no demand for it) or the content of the advert is ludicrous.

2.34 The content of the advert must be precise and clear, and related to the offered item or service.

2.35 The advert must be posted in the corresponding category, it is forbidden to post identical adverts under various categories.

2.36 The text must be written in Latvian, Russian or English only.

2.37 The text of the advert, especially the title, must be clearly written without using all CAPITAL LETTERS, text spacing and various non-alphabetic characters.

2.38 Additional information and contacts (e.g. web link, phone number, e-mail) must be specified in the corresponding fields only, not in the text of the advert.

2.39 If an image is added, it must correspond to the content of the advert and depict the offered item or service.

2.40 When posting an advert, all fields must be completed in order to provide a correct understanding of the offered item or service.

2.41 It is forbidden to post multiple adverts with identical or similar content, adverts of one company, or for a person to create more than one user profile and post adverts under the name of another person.

3. Banned adverts

In the text of the advert and the accompanying materials (including the website on which the ad is posted) it is prohibited to include content that:

3.1. Violates or offends the intellectual property of third parties;

3.2. Advertises, offers or promotes pyramid schemes, unauthorised competitions, chain letters, spam mails or similar things;

3.3. Advertises, offers or promotes the attraction of dealers of goods or services, "online work" or similar vague offers for jobs or profit;

3.4. Promotes a paid job, by first requesting a fee or contribution from the candidate or employee;

3.5. Advertises or offers weapons, ammunition, special means and their components or operations with them;

3.6. Is pornographic or erotic, or where pornography or erotic services are advertised (including private services);

3.7. Advertises companies, brands, goods or services, which do not have a licence or permit issued according to the procedures specified in the laws and regulations, but need one;

3.8. Violates norms of ethics, humanism, morals, virtue, or decency;

3.9. Violates the requirements of laws and regulations; is prohibited in accordance with laws and regulations;
is subject to special advertising requirements which have not been complied with; is false, discriminatory,
malicious or unlawful; advertises or contains information about prohibited goods or
services; contains other information, affects or is likely to affect the normal operation or security of the Website.

4. Service fee

4.1. Most of the Platform’s services are free of charge, but some features may be chargeable. 

4.2. If a user chooses a paid service, then the paid services offered in the Platform may be obtained after the prepayment for the selected service has been made.

4.3. All prices are in euros with the value added tax included.

4.4. The user is able to pay for the service by choosing one of the methods of remote payment offered by the Platform.

5. Claims and dispute resolution procedure

5.1. If a user has claims about our services or the operation of the Platform, we ask you to first contact the Platform administration, describing the situation and sending an e-mail to: [email protected]
5.2. If a complaint or claim is deemed to be unfounded, the consumer has the right to use
alternative dispute resolution options specified in the laws and regulations. The consumer also has the right to turn to and receive assistance from the Consumer Rights Protection Centre, an out-of-court dispute arbitrator (if it exists), or the court.
5.3. If the dispute cannot be settled, it shall be resolved in the court of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. 


6. Conclusion

6.1. The publisher of the Advert is responsible for the content of it and the truthfulness of the information, as well as the intellectual property rights must be respected.

6.2. The Administration has the right to delete the Adverts and created profiles without any explanation, as well as to move the Adverts to the appropriate section if the Advert or its contents do not comply with these Terms and Conditions or the requirements of the laws and regulations.

6.3. If the Advert is paid, but deleted due to incompliance with these Terms and Conditions or the laws and regulations, the payment is not refunded.

6.4. aCar.lv has the right to introduce changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time, as well as unilaterally change the payment order and prices. 

Information processing


1. Kind of information processed by the Platform

1.1. To post adverts, you must register and create your own profile.  Terms and Conditions must be confirmed during registration, otherwise you cannot register and post Adverts.

1.2. The profile can be created by filling out the required information and registering or logging in with a social network profile.

1.3. When publishing an advert, you will have to provide information about the offer (for example, the offered item, parameters, price and other information) and your contact information (e-mail address, telephone number, name, surname, etc.).  The information provided will be available to all visitors of the Platform.

1.4. When payments are made, the Platform administration processes the information associated with such transactions.

1.5. Information is provided about the devices that are used to access the Platform (for example, type of device, operating system, web browser, mobile operator, IP address, time and duration of connection).

1.6. Information is received from third-party websites and mobile apps that are used for authorising the Platform (for example, authorisation with Google or Facebook Passport).

1.7. Cookies are used, so please read our Cookie Policy.


2. The purpose of processing information

We process data and other information, in order to:

2.1. Provide the opportunity to receive the services offered on the Platform (including,
the possibility to post adverts);

2.2. Maintain and improve the Platform, as well as develop new services;

2.3. Offer and personalise adverts, and evaluate the performance of the Platform and the effectiveness of advertising;

2.4. Verify identity and prevent unauthorised use of profiles, as well as ensure a safe environment on the Platform;

2.5. Protect user interests (for example, if the Platform is used
for illegal activities);

2.6. Provide answers and communicate with the user on issues of interest to the user or inform them about changes to the rules;

2.7. Send news and posters.        

3. How personal data is processed 

3.1. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. Depending on the situation, processing of the data may be subject to consent (for example, for receiving news), performance of contractual obligations (for example, when placing or paying for adverts), the legal responsibility of the administration (for example, processing of the user's personal data in accordance with the requirements of the law), legitimate interests (for example in order to promote the popularity and development of the Portal in order to investigate possible unlawful behaviour).

3.2. Processing of personal data received directly from the user, for example from websites (marketing commercials, newsletters, contests, lotteries and surveys, feedback), from and about devices used when visiting the Platform, from contacting customer service via telephone, e-mail or other communication channels.

4. Who the personal data can be transferred to

4.1. Personal data will not be sold, used or otherwise disclosed to third parties
unless expressly provided below.

4.2.  Personal data may be transferred to third parties providing the Platform services
in accordance with the purposes described in these Privacy Terms and Conditions and applicable laws. Only the minimum data may be transferred to such third parties, in order to provide their services, and only if they have entered into appropriate confidentiality obligations.

4.3.  Personal data may be transferred to third parties who co-operate and provide services in order to provide and improve the operation of the company and the Platform
(such as data placement and maintenance, data and portal security, payment processing,
risk and fraud prevention and detection, data analysis, SMS and e-mail,
legal and financial services).

4.4. Personal data may be transferred to carefully selected third parties for the purpose of implementing joint
or independent direct advertising and marketing activities.  Data transfer for such purposes
may only take place if the intended objectives of the third party are consistent with the objectives of the Platform described in this Privacy Policy.

4.5.  Personal data may be transferred to a third party when aCar.lv merges, acquires, transfers or sells company assets to another service provider.

4.6.  Personal data may also be transferred to other persons or processed in other cases,
if the user's consent has been obtained.

4.7. Personal data can be processed by non-personalised information (for example, the number of Platform users).

4.8. Personal data may be passed on to law enforcement and public authorities at their official request. 

5. How to manage your personal data

5.1. The user has the right to correct the information specified in the section "My profile" and has the right to delete his/her advert and/or profile.

5.2. As far as personal data is processed on the basis of consent, the User has the right to withdraw its consent for the processing of personal data at any time by sending a written application to [email protected] from the e-mail address registered on the acar.lv site.

5.3. The user has the right to ask the administration to confirm that personal data is being processed and, if processed, to receive information about his or her personal data processed on the basis of consent or agreement and if processing is carried out in an automated manner.

5.4. The user has the right to object to the processing of his or her personal data for direct marketing purposes.
The user can unsubscribe from direct marketing by sending a message to the e-mail address [email protected].

5.5. The User has the right to object to the processing of personal data carried out on the basis of the legitimate interests of the Platform, however, the processing of personal data will be continued, even if there is an objection to it, if there are legitimate reasons to continue processing the data.

5.6. The user has the right to delete the advert and his/her profile at any time. If the advert and/or profile is deleted, then the related information will be deleted as well.

5.7. The User has the right to submit a complaint regarding the processing of personal data to the supervising authority (Data State Inspectorate).

6. How long the personal data will be processed for

6.1. Personal data can be processed for as long as it is required for the purpose of the
processing in question. For example, if the data processing is based on User consent and there is no other legal basis for further processing, then personal data will be deleted upon request. If the basis for the processing of the data is the performance of the contract, then the data will be processed for as long as it is reasonably necessary for the performance and provision of legal and contractual rights and obligations.

6.2. After deleting the profile, data and/or information, it will no longer be visible to other users, but this profile, data and/or information in the databases may be saved for up to 90 days from the moment of deletion, in order to avoid fraudulent activities and other unlawful actions.

6.3. In addition to the specified time, personal data may be processed, for example, if required by law, or for tax and legal claims and rights, or in special cases, as long as this is justified (for example, to comply with legal requirements).

6.4. When the required processing time is over, personal data will be deleted or made unidentifiable, so that they can no longer be linked to the User.

7. Changes

Administration has the right to change these Terms and Conditions. All changes will be posted on the Platform.

8. Communication 

The user can contact us about data processing and protection issues by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by sending a letter to SIA MVid, 1-8 Helmaņa Street, Peltes, Sigulda Parish, Siguldas district, LV-2150.



By using the aCar.lv website, you agree that cookies, web beacons and similar storage technologies may be placed on your computer or other devices from which you access the website. These cookie terms describe what cookies are used on the website and for what purposes.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files created by a website and stored on a user's device when a user visits a website. The browser uses cookies to send information back to the website at each subsequent visit so that the website can identify the user and remember the user's choice (for example, login information and other settings). In this way, the next visit will be easier and the site will be more useful.

2. What types of cookies are used and what for?

The website operates on different types of cookies. The following cookies may be stored in the user's browser.

Mandatory cookies. 

These cookies are important for the smooth operation
of the website. Without these cookies, it is not possible to provide a connection to the user profile and make full use of the website. Such cookies identify the user’s device, but do not reveal the user's identity and do not collect user information. These cookies are stored on the user's device until the browser is closed.

Functional cookies 

Such cookies provide convenient and complete use of the website,
as well as help users effectively use the website and personalise it.
Functional cookies keep user selections and provide separate functions. Such as:
providing the "Remember Me" function that allows the user to enter their email
and password only once. These cookies are permanently stored on the user's device.
Analysis cookies. Such cookies collect information about how users interact with
a website, for example, which sections are visited most and which services
are used most often. The information collected is used for analysis, to understand
what users are interested in and how to make the website more user-friendly. For analysis purposes,
third party cookies may be used. These cookies are permanently stored on the user's device.

Targeted cookies.       

These cookies are used on a website to tailor marketing activities individually to each user and his/her interests, and to provide the user with personalised services in the future. These cookies remember that the user visited the website and could be used to display personalised adverts to the user in social media and other sites.
Third-party cookies may be used for targeted advertising purposes. These cookies
are permanently stored on the user's device.

Third-party cookies 

The website uses third-party services, such as analysis, to be able to know what is popular on the website and what is not, thus making the website more usable. Third party cookies are not controlled and more information about those cookies and their privacy policy can be found by visiting third-party websites. Any third party cookie information is handled by the relevant service provider in charge.

Other terms

By visiting this portal other portal users may address you online, using the online communication tool (chat) for clients provided by acar.lv. You may be addressed, if you view any of the advertisements published in the portal. Your identity is not revealed to any of the portal users. The publisher of the advertisement/the seller may only see if anyone is viewing his/her ad, but cannot identify you as a user.

Various reviews may be published on the created profiles of the sellers by registered users of the portal. Registered users of the portal have the opportunity to rate the sellers.